It’s not straight

(French version)

Every day it tilts a little more. It’s been tilted since before my birth. It’s true that the Earth is round, and eventually we’re going to end up slipping. But even so. It’s tilting more than usual.

The junkie shooting himself up, him, he’s lying down. In front of him : the television, on the screen of which we see a man standing up straight. Always stand up straight; even as we stumble; this is something we must understand very early…

I am neither the man on the screen, nor the junkie in front of it. And yet I feel that it is tilting, that it’s all going to end up tipping over, like you’d tip out a box of toys to display them on the floor. It can’t last forever, all this logic in the chaos, these ever square walls while throughout infinity black holes devour each other. Why is the straight line the shortest path, when everything in our universe is curved? The junkie’s thought travels full circle and comes back to itself. It just keeps looping, passing through the same starting point. In front of the television, he sees shadows moving. He cannot determine in which direction these shadows are going; as they seem to return perpetually to the centre of the screen. They seem to be moving whilst staying still. After all, that is what televisions do: don’t move, stay still, create social order.

The junkie then imagines millions of people all sitting in an armchair or on a sofa at the same time, staying still, with a glassy eyed look. He doesn’t really know what time it is. Then he tells himself he is simply no longer in time. Through the window, he thinks he sees cranes circling. The world shifts whilst staying still. However everything moves in the same unknown direction. Then everything ends up tilting; and collapsing…

We find ourselves on all fours, as we were as a baby. Lying down in the pram, lying down in the coffin, we always end up tilting. With or without gods, we always bite the dust to end up in the state of balls or micro-spheres that are found in cremation powder, or the fine sand of a beach


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  1. Sehr schöne Idee! Funktioniert aber nur mit wenig Sch..nksachen.imich hab hier so viel Kram rumfliegen, der würde da gar nicht reinpassen! :DLiebe Grüße,Eleonora

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